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Make Your Mark

The pencil is used as a metaphor for a person's life.

One pencil. One life.

Surreal yet serenely blissful, the floating pencils represent lives detached, potential unrealised and dreams suspended. Our exhibit explores the tension of indecisions that lure us from leaving a trace on life’s canvas.
All of us have a legacy to leave on the canvas of life, let us make a mark.

You only live once. Make it count.

YOLO presents 3 inspirational stories of Singaporeans who are making their mark in life:

Quote: (If life were a pencil) ... you would never catch me
put a pencil in my mouth and say, “life sucks!”

Lindy Poh
Owner of Art Business, Singapore

A well-meaning litigation lawyer, described as a ‘silky terrier in a dog-eat-dog world of Rotweillers’ by her boss,
Lindy was encouraged by her mother to look beyond her career and pursue other options - a life of fulfillment.

She packed her bags to London and immersed herself in its rich art and historical culture for three years. There, she obtained a Master’s degree in Art theory and returned to Singapore as an art curator.

A much happier person today, who now runs an art business with her husband, Lindy says: “I now understand that dreams and who we are can be revealed as we walk through life. Some have epiphanies, others take their
time, and still there are others who are currently shaping who they are and what they dream.”

Formula: Fn + C = V

Tong Yee
Educator, Singapore

Tong Yee, an educator from Singapore, shares his thoughts on making a mark:

It started when my team and I tried to develop a way to encourage discourse and evaluation. We found that the value of anything is determined by the context in which it exists.

So far, helping students understand this empowering formula has been inspiring. I believe in many ways we have encouraged students to redefine the way they lead their lives by increasing how they perceive their own relevance and ability to benefit society.

We have also broadened their perspective of the world around them and given them the eyes to see alternative routes for success and contribution beyond what is conventional or secure.

Our endeavour in all humility has made its mark in our community and in the lives of the students we touch.

We are deeply encouraged when our students return with reports of their triumphs and renewed passion for contribution, and look forward to the many more stories to come.


The value of our lives, our skills, our voice, our contribution as individuals is construed by context.

Yet, that context is surprisingly not just simply defined by the external socio-economic and political contexts that exist in our environment. Thus, an understanding of the broader external contexts we live in allows us to increase our value as people manifold.

This is because knowing our internal emotional and mental contexts holds power in transforming the reality we experience as people and therein also the quality of the lives we lead. My work in education has been dedicated to the understanding and transformation of these contexts.


Where many educational centres focus on the advancement of functionality in a person, I believe that we can bring wisdom, choice and dignity into a child’s development by balancing this with an understanding of our external and their internal context.

Number: 36

David Tan
Studio Manager, Singapore

36 - the aggregate score that threatened to rob a young man from making his mark in life - David had taken the ‘O’ level exam 4 times by the age of 22. He was nicknamed ‘Steelwool’, which captures his tough exterior and fighting spirit that enabled defeated of those setbacks.

Today, he is a loving husband, a father of three, a studio manager in a renowned international advertising agency and a finisher of the Half Ironman triathlon. The 40-year-old is an exemplary example of rising against the odds: a true mark maker. He continues to be guided by dreams, and hopes to be a sports coach one day. David is indeed an ordinary guy making a mark.

About Designersblock London 2010

Designersblock London 2010

23 - 26 September

Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH

Tickets £5 Free entry with online registration by 22nd September on www.verydesignersblock.com

50 major design shows in 13 Cities, in 10 Countries with over 2000 Exhibitors from 33 Nations.

'Designersblock is the original and best' Icon Magazine.

Designersblock London 2010 takes place over 15000 square meters in and around the Bargehouse on the South Bank by the Oxo Tower during the London Design Festival.

The exhibition includes the latest work from over 100 of the most exciting emerging and established designers from the UK and around the world.

As part of the London Design Festival, Designersblock have also curated a special program of live events for the V&A, which will take place at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the evening of Friday 24th September.