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6000 in London
stepped through our doors!

YOLO brought “Make Your Mark” to the London Design Festival (23-26 September 2010). As part of the DesignersBlock London 2010 event at the Bargehouse on London’s historic South Bank, we filled a long, light-filled room with reams of white paper spread out in “waves” on the floor. Black balloons drifted lazily across the room, each with a black pencil knotted to the end of its string.

Our message is simply to encourage all to release their inhibition and follow their dreams. YOLO’s hope is that all would find their forgotten passion and live an incredible legacy on the canvas of life.

Over the four days, the responses were overwhelming. Stories were shared, smiles and giggles were heard and even tears were shed. The sight of people doodling, putting their thoughts and emotions down on paper thrilled us. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

1 creative team
4 days
8 metres of white paper
80 ‘if life were a pencil’ journals
500 black balloons
800 little black pencils
and 6000 who stepped through our doors

made this exhibit an awesome experience for us.

Do sign up at yolo.sg to be part of this growing voice. If you would like to participate online, go to www.pencil.yolo.sg.